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Opening Date: June 13, 2015 Closing Date: None. Post entries welcome.

Our eventing derby is a jumping competition featuring a course which includes a combination of stadium jumps and cross country jumps together in one course. The course is placed on gently rolling hillsides and includes a bank and a ditch but no water. We warmly welcome lower level eventing competitors including those new to eventing. Formal attire is optional. Jumps are small and inviting. Whether you or your horse are just starting or restarting or are simply seeking a low-key competition, we invite you to come enjoy the lovely countryside of western Wisconsin.

ORGANIZER: Dancing Horse Hill, N6512 110th Street, Elmwood, WI 54740 Phone: 715-639-2641 email: robin@dancinghorsehill.com

INTRODUCTORY LEVEL - Stadium and cross country obstacles with maximum height of 1'6" to be ridden at 250 mpm. No time penalties, closest to optimum time used to break ties. Stadium options for bank and faux ditch.

BEGINNER NOVICE LEVEL - Stadium and cross country obstacles with maximum height of 2'7" ridden at 300 mpm. Bank and faux ditch (with stadium option).

NOVICE LEVEL - Stadium and cross country obstacles with maximum height of 2'11" at 350 mpm. Course includes bank, ditch and stadium with combinations.

FORMAT: Each entry will entitle the horse and rider to try the course twice; once before lunch and once after lunch break. Schooling will be permitted during the lunch break. The two rides can be at the same level or can be at different levels. Riders will have assigned times for the first ride. After the first ride, riders should inform the show secretary of their choice of level for the second ride and a schedule will be drawn up and posted during the lunch break. The best score will be used for ribbon placement.

FEES: Each entry is $60 which provides for two rounds on course. Each horse and rider combination may submit a maximum of two entries (for a maximum of 4 rounds on course). Rounds need not be at the same level, but only the best score will count toward ribbon placement.

**Friends and Family special** A single entry can be split between two riders for a fee of $70. Each rider will ride the same horse at the level of their choosing and the score for each rider will count toward ribbon placement. So if you don't want to ride a second round but your sister/neighbor/mother/husband wants to ride, you can enter the Friends and Family option and both have a try. To use this option, each rider should submit an entry form but mark Friends and Family at the top with other rider's name.

ENTRIES: Current year EIA (Coggins) required on all horses; original in your possession and photocopy sent with entry. Riders who wish to enter with the same horse twice (for four rides) should submit two entries marked ENTRY 1 and ENTRY 2. A separate entry should be submitted for each different horse and rider combination. A horse may be entered more than once with different riders BUT no horse may be ridden more than four rounds in Beginner Novice or Novice Level nor six rounds at Introductory Level in the eventing derby.

Entry form is available by emailing the organizer at robin@dancinghorsehill.com Mail entry form, coggins, release of liability and payment to organizer. No extra charge for post entries. You may enter at the show. Make checks payable to Dancing Horse Hill.

REFUNDS: Full prior to July 17, 50% July17-21, no refund after July 21.

TIMES: Posted on yahoogroup TCCTList by July 22. Also available here on ths Web site: see "Download Schedule" below. Emailed if requested with entry.

STABLING: A few stalls available: $25 per stall. Contact organizer to request.

AWARDS: Ribbons first through fourth place at each level.

ATTIRE: SEI approved helmets required when mounted. Vests/armbands optional.

DIRECTIONS: (From Twin Cities) Take I-94 east to County Road B, Woodville exit. Turn right, proceed south to second STOP sign. Turn left onto Highway 29. Go one mile and turn right onto County CC. Go 4.5 miles to County G and turn left. Go 3.5 miles to 110th Street.

(From the east) Take I-94 west to Highway 128, Wilson exit. Turn left, proceed south to second STOP sign. Turn right onto Highway 72. Go one mile and turn right onto County G. Proceed uphill for one mile to 110th Street.

NO DOGS ON SHOWGROUNDS. Dogs leashed at trailer in optional parking area ok.

Download schedule.

Download entry form.

Download waiver.