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There have been 18 foals born at Dancing Horse Hill and a half dozen additional youngsters raised from weanling also. Some were our own breeding and some were boarders. We currently stand our appaloosa sport horse stallion and have had two friesian breeding stallions and a Russian Warmblood Stallion at various times in the past.

Several veterinarians in the area do have ultrasound equipment and are familiar with insemination protocol if AI is desired. We have resources for teasing a mare to determine breeding readiness. At least one area veterinarian also has stallion collection facilities and regional vet hospitals with resources for freezing semen are an hour away.

We have found that youngsters do exceptionally well in our herd as the adult horses have just the right mixture of tolerance and discipline needed to teach a young horse how to get along with its own kind. Add large hilly pastures where young legs can become strong and daily handling and young horses grow up healthy and sensible here.

Our foundation appaloosa sporthorse stallion Awesome (barn name Fred) is sired by the California eventing stallion Chocklate Confetti and out of a Native Dancer line tb mare. Email if you are interested in breeding to this stallion.