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Pasture board is $125 per month (including sales tax), grain and hay included. Box stall board is $225 per month (including sales tax), grain, hay and turnout included.

We board both light and heavy horses, active and retired horses, mares in foal or with foals at side and youngsters growing up. We have facilities for boarding a stallion and have experience in breeding and foaling.

We believe in an outdoor life for horses at Dancing Horse Hill. Accordingly, all the horses boarded here have daily turnout (veterinary problems excepted). We chose to establish our farm on rolling hills of clay-loam soil underlain with limestone. The clay-loam soil means that sand colic problems are not a worry. The rolling hills strengthen young horse bone and muscle and give older horses some gentle exercise important in minimizing arthritis problems. The limestone underlayment contributes to good pasture and hay (we grow our own here). Similar soil made Kentucky the famous creche of the thoroughbred and is why the nearby city of Eau Claire was considered the dairy center of America (dairy cows need calcium-rich grazing too).

We offer both pasture board and box stall board. All the horses, both pastured and box stalled, are fed an individual grain meal each morning. Horses needing additional calories get another grain meal in the evening. At morning feeding each horse, whether pasture or box stall boarded, is given a quick health check and, in summer, has fly repellant applied. Even the easiest keepers are given a token feeding each morning to allow for the brief health check and fly spraying.

In summer the horses are allowed to graze in one of our pastures after their breakfast. In winter we unroll a new round bale for the horses each day and they "graze" on that hay. The run-in shelter houses a water source (heated in winter) as well as free choice salt blocks. The horses have access to the run-in at all times.

Box stalls are 11'x12', rubber matted, and adjacent to our 60'x120' indoor riding arena. Stalled horses are turned out daily after their breakfast with the pastured horses. They are brought back inside at sunset. Stalls are cleaned daily.

We do not have hired grooms, all regular care is provided by the two co-owners who live and work at the farm.

There are at least 8 veterinary practices with horse vets serving our farm. The nearest vet has a clinic 2 miles away and her home is 3 miles from our farm. Currently we have 3 farriers who care for horses at Dancing Horse Hill. Boarders are free to use any veterinarian and farrier they wish. The stable informs boarders about scheduled visits of vets and farriers to allow for shared farm call charges to save boarders money. We maintain two box stalls available for pastured horses should a situation arise where veterinary advice is to stall the horse. There is no additional charge for this stalling for up to three weeks. These stalls are also available for foaling mares.

There is a private paddock with shelter and double fencing which is suitable for housing a stallion or a separately kept small group of horses. The cost for this is $180 per month for the first horse and regular pasture board ($125/mo) for each additional horse.

For riders we have a 60'x120' lighted indoor riding arena and an adjacent outdoor grass riding field. There are several post and rail jumps which boarders may use. There is also an eventing cross country course with jumps up to 3' height in our fields. For gaming enthusiasts we have barrels and pole bending poles. For the trail rider the tree shaded trails of the Eau Galle Reservoir are just 10 minutes away and the lovely Buffalo River State Trail is an hour's drive away. Every summer Dancing Horse Hill hosts one eventing schooling competition which boarders interested in the sport are encouraged to try. There are several drill teams active in western Wisconsin and at least 4 WSCA affiliated clubs in the area. Western Wisconsin Dressage Association is also centered nearby.